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you mess with one bean / and you mess with the whole burritto

you know im pretty fuckin desperate when i revert back to livejournal.

appearently, deadjournal is going to be down for an undisclosed amount of time, leaving me to rant openly to myself, write shit down in my notebook... or use this asshole journal which NEVER LOADS between 9 thru 11 pm.

so yea, tomorrow is thursday... last day before x-mass break. i also work thursday... yikes. but nah, im just gonna be glad to have over a week offa school.

so what have i been up to.... um, i leant bailey $15... but he cant pay me back, so he owes me a favor. woo-hoo (btw, favor = free cigs, weed, booze, whatever)

tonight i watched almost famous. pretty good movie. ending is confusing as shit, but i liked it.... but i thought that main charrector was insane. okay.. if ur on TOUR with a band, with tons of young hot groupies... erm..... "band-aids" ...... and only get laid once... there is somthing seriously wrong with you.

anyway, i sit here now eating ziti i made. so BORED..... i just wanna pass the fuck out now, then wake up tomorrow morning, and blow through that day of school and come home and just go 2 work, come home again... and PASS THE FUCK OUT.... which would be a different passing out then tonight... tomorrow nites pass out will be the end all of passed outs. i just wanna sleep all through friday until 5pm, get dressed for work, feeling refreshed... come home at 11... and lapse back into my comatose.
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