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surveys are shit

name: Matto
age: 17
haircolor: red/blonde/brown (bleech and red dye are growin out)

favorite movie: My Cousin Vinny, The Smashing Pumpkins DVD, Fight Club, Interview With A Vampire
favorite color: maroon, grey
favorite tv-show: The Simpsons, Adult Swim, Family Guy, Futurama
favorite food: anything when im baked is good. but big ass sandwiches are the best
favorite book: How Like A God

five phrases you use:
"Yanno what? I wish i had cancer"
"Rohl... what the fuck did you just say?"

five songs you know the words to, even without the music:
do your feet hurt by mxpx
muzzle by the smashing pumpkins
napolean solo by at the drive in
bonedriven by bush
date rape by sublime

five albums that changed your life:
relationship of command by ATDI
obsolete by fear factory
dead heart in a dead world by nevermore
aenima by tool
tonights decision by katatonia

five of your favorite songs:
napolean solo by ATDI
the whole razorblade suitcase album
detox by strapping young lad
comfortably numb by pink floyd
say it aint so by weezer

five things you want to do before you die:
survive a car crash
publish an RPG story
win battle of the bands next year
hear that ATDI got back together
get a girlfriend.... guah

five things you cannot stand:
my mother
why pop bands are popular
how i have a 0.9 GPA
why i am such an jerk

five things you are wearing this second:
white tee
alcatraz hoodie
blue work pants
pencil on mah ear

five things you'd buy with one thousand dollars:
a les paul
an ounce of weed
tons of rum
rent out the telford borough hall for a rock show (sorry you manhunt fuckers)
a few packs of cigs

five things you can't live without:
my guitar
music in general
a drivers licence
my close friends
my cynicism

five of your favorite places to eat:
tgi fridays
my old car (seriously too)
the cn tower in toronto
the boardwalk

five items you have brand loyalty to:
relapse records
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