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as the contrails pass / you spoke your mind

so burnt. lol, man, this is horrible. i haven't smoked weed in forever, and i already feel burnt out as shit

so lets see... easter sucked. this entire vacation has sucked. i got the Sparta EP tho, and it is godly. it has 4 tracks, and its only 16 minutes long, but it has been playing non-stop since friday.

so yesterday, i worked, then when i got off i gave ralston a call up. him and kate were at the souderton park sitting on the theater stage. they invite me along, and i show up about 10 minutes later. we drive to laurels house but she isnt around (dammit), so we go and park at some church then walk about a mile to underneath some bridge by these traintracks. a huge graffiti gallery is there. it was pretty decent, but i felt like the odd man out. its weird. after i dropped ralston and kate off yesterday at ralstons house at like 430, the song "Cataract" by SPARTA came on. and as im pulling out of ralstons driveway, i almost felt like crying. i have no fucking clue why. and not really crying either.... i just felt lost, worthless, alone. i dunno what it was, but i felt like shit. cennet drifted around in my head as i slowly made my way home through the back roads of franconia.

today i had church. i hate church. im not even religious. well, i saw furey there. he was wearin a bright, BRIGHT neon green polo shirt and he was passed out inna pew. good ol' furey. after that i get home, and at 3, i had to go 2 my aunts for dinner. it wasnt too bad though. me and my cousin just jammed from like 4-730. he's gotten much better at drums.

so i get home, and i call cennet. we talk for a few minutes, and she says she will call me back tonight around 11-ish. i miss talkin with her.

okay, so thats all. i'll update whenever i fuckin feel like it.


happy easter, rich.
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