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and now that i've been drinking / i might have smoked / and i wish that i hadn't

junior prom 2nite. matto = working instead. now look sad and say d'oh......


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, its not like i would have had a date even if i didnt work, so whatever. laurel has drifted outta the picture relationship-wise. we're friends at least. today she really reminded me about linze. first time i've actually thought about that chick since she left. laurel mentioned that she was gettin aderal, and wanted me to join her afterschool. of course i refused.... well, i shouldn't even say of course, but i did refuse none the less. but linze was always talking about aderal..... man, same girls over and over again.... i have at the drive-in playing right now. second to last track. very very good. reminds me so much of last year. this is all i listened to end of last year, beginning of this one. dunno if they were good times in my life or not. they were just times. it's weird. you try and think about the times you miss so much, but you never know why you miss them. and even if you think you know why you miss the past, its you're own fault for anything changing anyway, so missing it doesnt work.

this weekend should suck pretty badly, but we'll see what happens.

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