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no worries, i am still around

Name: Matthew Z. Olkowski
Do you like it?: it has its upsides
Nicknames: matto, mole
Screen names: MinusFidel
Age: 17
Birthday: 10/14/1984
Sign: libra
Location: Harleysville
School: Souderton Area Highschool
Status: single
Crush: i have a few, yes
Natural hair color: born w/. dark brown hair, evolved over time
Current hair color: dirty blonde
Eye color: grey/hazel
Height: 5'8''
Birthplace: grandview hospital
Shoe size: 11

[ family ]

Parents: phil and maryanne
Siblings: 2 sisters
Live with: the above mentioned and a multitude of animals
Favorite relative: father, cousin megan

[ favorites ]

Number: 56
Color: amber
Day: thursday
Month: autum, especially october
Song: "Air" by SPARTA
Movie: 199X, Se7en, Fight Club
Food: anything at kyoto
Band: SPARTA, At The Drive-In, Alkaline Trio.... i dunno, theres a lot of awesome bands out there.
Season: autum
Sport: watching football
Class: mrs. harners history class w/. rohl and wagner
Teacher:mr. smith, mrs. harner
Drink: Memory, rosenburgers iced tea
Veggie: carrots or fresh picked string beans
TV Show: Adult Swim
Radio Station: 93.3WMMR or opie and anthony on wysp
Store: salvation army, best buy
Word: gwicha
Animal: imaginary ones
Flower: how about plants....... a wide dead tree
State: California

[ this or that ]

Me/You: you in most cases
Coke/pepsi: vanilla coke
Day/night: twilight
Aol/aim: AIM
Cd/cassette: compact disc
Dvd/vhs: DVD
Jeans/khakis: jeans
Car/truck: my car
Tall/short: i wish i was tall
Lunch/dinner: dinner ala wendys
NSYNC/BSB: <---- ?? what TF?
Britney/Christina: again... no comment
Lipstick/Lipgloss: lipgloss tastes good
Silver/Gold: silver

[ love and relationships ]

Do you have a bf/gf?: no
Do you have a crush?: i answered this previously
How long have you liked him/her?: on and off..... whatever
Why do you like this person?: that they want more of this town then it has 2 offer
If you're single... why are you single?: i've been single since last summer... no reason why
How long was your longest relationship?: 6 months
How long was your shortest relationship?: a few days maybe
Who was your first love?: jaimee maybe... dunno
What do you miss about them?: its not really that i miss it, its just that i regret how i treated her

[ the past ]

What is the one thing you would change about your past?: myself....and wish i could have done somthing for rich
What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?: getting rohl drunk, or being ignorant towards girlfriends
Last thing you heard: my mom telling me theres hogies in the fridge
Last thing you saw: keyboard
Last thing you said: ALL RIGHT, I'LL EAT INNA MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who is the last person you saw?: my sister walk by
Who is the last person you kissed: laurel mebbe
Who is the last person you hugged?: jenn bardnt
Who is the last person you fought with?: my mother
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: an answering machine
What is the last TV show you saw?: Simpsons
What is the last song you heard?: '97 by alkaline trio

[ have you ever ]

Drank?: a few weeks ago
Smoked? 10 minutes ago
Had sex?: december
Stolen?: tonight at work i stole my lunch
Done anything illegal?: daily (breaking speedlimit and such)
Wanted to die?: it happens
Hit someone?: tonight

[ other ]

Do you write in cursive or print?: indescribable
Are you a lefty or a righty?: depends, write with right, left w/. everything else
What is your sexual preference?: women
What piercings do you have?: none
Do you have glasses or braces?: contacts
Did you like this survey?: eh... i've had better

[ physical appearance ]

What do you most like about your body?: hair, my eyes
And least?: scars
How many fillings do you have?: none
Do you think you're good looking?: no
Do you look like any celebrities?: i dunno

[ fashion ]

Do you wear a watch?: no, my cell serves as one
How many coats and jackets do you own?: one winter jacket, tons of hoodies
Favorite pants/skirt color?: dark blue
Most expensive item of clothing?: a jacket
Most treasured?: my etnies hoodie
What kind of shoes do you wear?: DC
Describe your style in one word: idiotique
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