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the sun that never sets / burns all

its christmas eve.... what a fucking waste.

today was shitty. i woke up at about 12-somthing and my arm was killin me. at some point yesterday while jamming with mosh and erik (which was fun as hell, by the way. erik schooled both mosh and i... not suprizing) i had put my guitar down in such a fasion that i turned and hurt my wrist... cept at the time, i didnt realize i hurt it.

well, as i was saying, i woke up after 12 and m hand was throbbing. so i take a shower, go downstairs and get in my car and just drive. i also forced myself 2 smoke with my left hand, being that i dropped the cig when it was in my right.

so after driving around, and meeting up with zach hoffman, i returned home. upon coming inside, my mom commented on my smell, asking "smoke enough cigarettes?" and i replied with "nah... could've used a few more" so yea... i sorta ratted myself out. whatever, i dont care. but keep this insignificant incident in the back of your mind, for it will reer its ugly head later that night.

so i sort of advoid my family by hanging in the basement all day playing final fantasy 10 until about 4. at that point, i got changed for church, and we left the house at 420, even though church didnt start until 5... she wanted to get good seats..... guah....

anyway, we arrive in hatfield at about 440..... and there is not a parking space 2 be found.... so in a rage, my mom peels out of hte parking lot, ranting about the people who only go 2 church one day out of the year, and how since she goes every sunday to church, she has a right to a parking spot and a place to sit without being squished. i said nothing during hte car ride home.

so we get back, and i watch fight club until 6. then we left for my aunts house.
so we get there, and i go to the upstairs room and watch a christmas story (the ralphy one) and i begin to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation from down below... and as it turned out... my mom felt the need to tell my aunt, uncle, and cousins that i smoke. fucking great.

so when dinner rolled around, i piled a plate with food, and went back upstairs. i hate family social gatherings. now what i would like to know, though, would be why the fuck my mom felt the need to tell about what happings in OUR house. its not the extended familys buisness what the hell i do. talk about terrorism, politics, SHOPPING, just not my fucking habits.

so i come home, and am sitting the my basement, hoping that i sleep right fucking though tomorrow. also, my moms side of the family is comin over here. oh joy of joys. so here i sit, hoodiee on, talking to a friend of mine, and wishing i felt tired.

so if its your holiday, merry christmas everyone. if its not, have an awesome normal day.

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