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the world is a vampire

it has been an unbelievably long time since i have taken the time to update this piece of trash. I am so bored right now though, and almost nobody is online, so my theory is update livejournal.

the presidents day vacation from school officially ended today. cockshit. i had fun methinks over the break though. I got wasted every day and that's always fun.

Oh yea, there was a show at the telford borough hall too. that was pretty good i guess. the greatest band there would have to be "The Cho Experiment." A cross breed of Mr. Bungle and Iggy Pop... and a less-chesty version of Madonna. The lead singer hadda bra on and a cordless mic and was runnin around like a fairy singin and crawlin through the crowd. it was kind of entertaining to watch, even though the puerto rican bassist was a cocky sonnavbitch that i felt like tossing out the window. mosh, ralston, ally, weeden, christie, jenn barndt, rob, robin, ect. Laura and Bynon never showed up though, not that i was suprized.

the only other worthwhile event that transpired would have to be manhunt. now, manhunt sucks cock-ass, but at least they can move the crowd. they were the only band who had a pit going. they also had a light show type thingy. pretty gay, but whatever. anyway, manhunt was the last band to preform, and it was about 9, and the only people left were the die-hard punk kids. so the manhunt pit was a blast. as soon as the first song played, the center of the crowd exploded. that is the only reason i stayed for manhunt. just because i KNEW that they would start a pit. so i dive into the middle of it, and get railed, and look up to find myself skidding past moshiem towards the wall. but i hop back ot my feet and charge back into he pit, like i was chasing a black kid who stole my wallet.

the the show was rocken, and i came home tired as shit, but upbeat as anything. the end.

oh, i also have been hunting for a new car. my oldsmobile has seen better days. the muffler fell off last wednesday, and my tire popped after the show, and my fan belt snapped last night. so yeah, i bought a new tire, and belt, but no fuckin way im going to pay$400 for a new exhaust system for a car that's worth under $100.

okay.... late breaking fuckin news...... me and mosh are no longer playing battle of the bands. he talked to fonda tonight, fonda says too many other bands are playing. i fucking hate that band fag!!!!!! what the FUCK!!!!!! this week has become shit.


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