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hello darkness my old friend... i've come to talk with you again...

the worst are the nights that you wish you could remember everything you've ever done. as i sit here now, i can think of nothing that i've ever done. a sad shade of depression hangs in the air. thats okay. this weekend was fine.

when the plane falls... in the ocean... at least we went down fighting....

i havent written in livejournal in months. i havent been online in ages. i dunno if i've missed it or not. i guess all the millions of miniscual events that have occured from my last entry until now will be lost forever. my mind isnt what it used to be. this weekend has revolved around me hopping from party to party. not drinking parties, mind you, but graduation parties. i am not graduating this year, but many of my friends are. have i accomplished anything this year? grade-wise, i have just impaled my coffin with another nail. this was supposed to be my year of trying to get into college.... didnt quite turn out that way.

never considered this suprize... until then, complete suprize...

eventhing looks metalic, sterile, and dying. i have been sober for ages. what is wrong with me. i can see the summer from where i am right now. it looks bleak. if it didn't, i'd be worried.

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