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i want you to know, dear / when im not around / you're so fucking special / i wish i was special / but im a creep

schools back. so i guess that leaves me back to writing in livejournal.

i am still employed at hennings. i am a senior at souderton area highschool. im still single *sigh* and feel like my summer was wasted.

so yea, after school today, i just went straight down to my basement and played guitar. I honestly feel that i have improved since i started. normally when i start somthing, i hit a wall, and never ever excell at it. but over the summer, i just played anything i could find, and just played the songs over and over and it was the most enjoyable thing i've done for myself in a long time. so here i was, no one home, screamin my lungs out while playin "Creep" tryin to get my voice out over the amp.

i dont think i'd ever be able to sing with anyone around ever. not even ralston or rohlo. like, i know they'd be cool with it, but i dunno...... dont see a need for it. they're the entertains. not me.

so as of late, i've been doin alrite i guess. nothing all too noteworthy. cennet's gettin married, so horray for her i guess. went to laura m.'s 22nd b-day party, also had a blast at that.

havin friends at school is a plus. there have been a shitload of peopl that i've neglected over the summer and these past few years. tryin to make ammends for that... last year im ever gonna see the majority of these people, so why be a dick to em, yanno?

one year ago, at the drive-in broke up...... its been a long time........

speaking of years, im 18 soon. that i cannot wait for. any curfew that may have once inhibited me from staying out late shall no longer apply. that means i can actually stay late at parties!!! *gasp* yippy-friggin-doo!

its tuesday night, i have a full day of school tomorrow..... but just doin my annual post lettin everyone know im still alive and kicking.... maybe i should make a habit outta livejournal (again...).
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